Balloon Sculpting, Balloon Deliveries
and Balloon Decorating

We provide professional balloon art for all your entertainment and decorating needs. We work with a wide variety of clients: individuals, organizations, corporations and retail business. Balloon deliveries, sculpting, centerpieces and decorating may be combined with other entertainment offerings from Melody May Productions to fill all your event needs. We also offer party, event and conference planning services. We can provide tents, chairs, tables, linens, food, wait and bar staff, clean up, invitations and mailing services. Please contact us to discuss your needs and prices.


 Mimo the Mime

Melody studied mime with one of Marcel Marceau's protégés for two years. She performs professionally as Mimo the Mime and wears a black beret and traditional French costume.


Melody ‘Mother Earth’

Melody ‘Mother Earth’ has come out of the woods to bring you ‘DIG INTO MOTHER EARTH’, a wonderful nature show that ‘Digs Below the Surface into the Secret World of Plants and Earth, Mammals and Reptiles, Birds and Bugs

Find Out Fascinating Facts with Mother Earth’s  Beautiful Nature Pictures, Nature Lore, Animal SFX, Puppetry, Ventriloquism, Comedy, Magic, Music and Song, Melody will Mesmerize Any Audience.

Add Balloon Animals and Nature Face Painting for extra fun and to reinforce Melody ‘Mother Earth’s’ Science Curriculum.

 Luna the Fairy Godmother

Luna the Fairy Godmother lives in the Enchanted Forest where Whoopsy Daisy also makes her home. Luna tells story of plants and animals, face paints and performs magic. She turns any party into a wonderland of princesses and princes, dragons and other animals.

 Face Painting


Transform your guests, children, customers or event goers with incredible face painting that will have everybody talking for years to come.  Face painting is not just for kids! Our professional staff of talented creative artists will astound you with beautiful artwork, great colors, sequins and sparkles.

Our artists are available by the hour for parties, picnics and events or for full days for festivals and fairs. Please call for rates for advance bookings at 845-688-5472 or email Please state the date and times for the party or event along with your contact information. We look forward to painting a brighter future.
Full Face Artwork transforms an individual into an animal, a monster, a super hero, a princess, an exotic or custom being sure to please. People will marvel when they see these “beings” at your party or event. Folks will flock to get their own look. We are well known for our exceptional full face artwork.

We also specialize in Halloween Full Faces at our make-up salon in Mt. Tremper, NY (near Woodstock, NY) for adults and children. Full face artwork transformations are ideal for Halloween because vision is not limited (as in a latex mask) and you can eat! (unlike a latex mask which you have to remove to eat) Please call to book a private appointment well in advance of Halloween as seatings are limited.

 Custom Cheek and Body Artwork adorns an individual with beautiful custom artwork, sequins and sparkles. We have a large selection of decorative artwork, painted on masks, old time favorites and custom work to choose from. Colorful vines, floral designs, reptilian scales, butterflies, animals, hearts, rainbows, stars are just a sampling of the many ornamentive ideas for adults and children our talented artists can achieve.

Melody can turn your child into any creature imaginable
Tiger Photo Credit, Tim Knight Wildlife Web

 Mother Goose Storytelling and Songs

       Mother Goose is a loving character guaranteed to warm the hearts of all young children ages 3 to 6. Mother Goose is a perfect educational and entertainment addition for children’s birthday parties, school and library shows, festivals, fairs, picnics and other events.
       Mother Goose offers a warm, heartfelt blend of attention grabbing storytelling, costume making and dress up, arts and crafts, puppetry and magical songs which enthralls all her audiences. The stories and nursery rhymes come to life with Mother Goose’s articulate joyful eye-widening vocal prowess, words, stage presence, vocal sound effects and animal impersonations. Mother Goose’s story lists are a blend of old time favorites sure to delight all the children.
Mother Goose shows are interactive and allow the children to become part of the stories by becoming the characters themselves, dressing up, acting, dancing, moving, vocalizing and singing. Arts and crafts projects get all the children involved. They create props they can use in the show and then take home as a memento of their wonderful experience with Mother Goose. Children love Mother Goose and want to her to come back time and time again for more stories, songs, dress up, crafts and lots of fun.

 The Amazing Meldini – Magician Extraordinaire

The Amazing Meldini get loads of oohs, aahs and gales of laughter. The Amazing Meldini performs astounding mind boggling magic. The Amazing Meldini invites audience members on stage to help her perform magic to the amazement of friends, family and even themselves which keeps audiences talking about the Amazing Meldini’s show for years to come. The Amazing Meldini has been performing magic for over a decade to the joy of children and adults of all ages. The Amazing Meldini is a member in good standing of the Society of American Magicians (SAM) and the local Poughkeepsie Al Baker Assembly #35 of SAM. Please call 845-688-5472 for information and advance bookings.

 Singing Telegrams

       Singing Telegrams are sure to delight your friends, family members, grandparents, co-workers, employees, and loved ones.  Give the gift of a joyous surprise delivery of a beautiful song performed by a beautiful vocalist or costumed character.  Singing telegrams may be combined with balloon deliveries to make a sensational surprising special gift to say “I love you”, “I appreciate you”, “Thank you”, “Congratulations” or whatever your message needs to be.

 Bands and DJs

 Melody May Productions books professional bands, DJs, musicians and vocalists for your private parties, weddings, graduation parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bas Mitzvahs, restaurants, stage shows and other public, private and corporate events. We pride ourselves in supplying only top quality professional musicians and entertainers. We have a musician, DJ or band for your specific entertainment needs, from single acts, duos, trios, quartets, big bands. We supply versatile musicians and music for all music preferences. We book jazz, classical, country, blues, rock ‘n roll and contemporary music.


Birthday Party Packages

 We make it our business to make your birthday party an outrageously wonderfully fun, successful and memorable event. We specialize in birthday parties for all ages from 1 to 101. It is our pride, joy and goal to make the child, teen or grown up birthday party the very best it can be. We offer many birthday party packages for every pocket book. Read what folks say about us under Testimonials. Invite Melody the Magical, Whoopsy Daisy the Clown or another fun character to help make your party a sensation that folks will talk about for years to come. Join our family of friends.

We love to watch the children grow up year after year. We pride ourselves in bringing love, encouragement, praise, laughter and good clean wholesome family fun to everyone. We love what we do, and our family of friends loves us. That’s what America is all about. We pride ourselves in always growing too as business people, artists and performers. We attend many classes and conferences annually to hone and improve and add new skills to our offerings. Each year we add new things to our packages. Thank you for your continued love, support and encouragement. We appreciate you.
You can mix and match the following packages and add a surprising array of goodies. We can custom create your party package for any age or number of people by adding magic, balloon twisting, face painting, music, group dancing, silly skits, audience participation, games, storytelling with puppets, gifts, give a ways, party favors, piñatas, party hats and plates, cakes, candles, balloon centerpieces, balloon decor or lots of other fun stuff: Call us for details at 845-688-5472.

“Birthday-O-Grams” are an economical yet surprisingly fun party addition. We offer a variety of surprise custom singing telegrams to which we can add helium balloons, balloon twisting, magic, gifts, give a ways, party favors, piñatas or other fun stuff. See Singing Telegrams under Services for more information and call 845-688-5472 today for more details. Call to book your “Birthday-O-Gram” early as our calendar fills quickly.

“Magic Mania” is one of our most popular party events. Your party will feature the birthday honoree as the comedy magician’s assistant. They will perform surprising magic to the amazement of all their friends, family and even themselves. Both Melody the Magical and Whoopsy Daisy the Clown perform “Magic Mania” to the delight of audiences ages 3 and up. Call 845-688-5472 today for details and to book “Magic Mania” early as our calendar fills up quickly.

“Balloonatic Bash” is great festive fun for party goers from age 3 up to adults. We can make a colorful assortment of balloon hats and cartooned twisted balloon animals, swords and toys, great for everyone– they all love them. See Balloon Sculpting, Balloon Deliveries and Balloon Decorating under Services for more information. Call 845-688-5472 today for details and to book “Balloonatic Bash” early as our calendar fills up quickly.

“Face and Body Painting Parties,” for which we are renowned, is always a big crowd pleaser for any party for all age kids, teens and adults alike. Check out Face Painting and Testimonials under Services for more information. Call 845-688-5472 today for details and to book “Face and Body Painting Parties” early as our calendar fills up quickly.

       You can combine the above packages and add on to them with a wide variety of offerings “For Outrageous Fun” and “Miles of Smiles” guaranteed.

 Party, School, Program, Event and Conference Planning

       We have over 30 years of successfully creating, planning and implementing wonderful, safe, healthy, fun, educational parties, programs, events and conferences. We are creative, meticulous in detail, extremely versatile, highly knowledgeable and well rounded. Call us at 845-688-5472 to discuss all your party, program, event and conference needs.
Some of our clients include:

Countless Birthday Parties
Mohonk Mountain House Nature Week Programs
Cornell University and Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association Organic Farming Conference
Ridgewood and Ho-Ho-Kus Public Schools Resident Outdoor Education Programs
Horace Mann School Outdoor Education Program
Eliot Pratt Education Center Nature and Summer Farm Camp Programs
The Smorgasbord Club for Home School Children
Whoopsy Daisy Summer Fun in the Sun Programs
Benedictine Hospital Fern Anolick Breast Cancer Center Garden Therapy Program
Canadian Government’s Prairie Farm Restoration Agricultural Marketing Conference
Community Supported Agriculture of Kingston, Inc. Organic Family Farm Program
Women’s Herbal Conference Audio Recording
Teaneck Nature Center Parent and Child Nature Programs
Wildlife Umbrella, Inc. Volunteer Program

 School, Corporate and Employee Picnics,
Training and Fun Days

       We have over 36 years of teaching, training and lecturing experience. We can plan and implement an employee educational training program, party, picnic or fun day to accommodate your specific needs. We pride ourselves by inspiring joy for learning, team building and employee personal growth. Our educational and training programs inspire and instill professionalism, team spirit, leadership, pride, honesty, problem solving, public speaking and sales skills. Our fun days and picnics offer your employees and their families a wonderful gift of laughter, joy, team building and good wholesome encouraging fun and are a great way for you to say a heartfelt “Thanks” to your employees for all they do for you.

       Call 845-688-5472 today to discuss how we can help your school, organization, business or corporation. We also offer many marketing tools and consulting services. Call us to discuss our consulting services.

Some of our clients include:

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Bard College
Culinary Institute of America
Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association
Wildlife Umbrella, Inc.
Prebon Yamani Investment Corp.
Hunter Panels, LLC
Mortgage Select Corp.
Ulster Savings Bank
Kinetics Thermal Systems
Community Supported Agriculture of Kingston, Inc.
Canadian Government

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