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This is the group picture from the 2005 Clownfest. Whoopsy Daisy is right of center with my white gloved hand pointing a finger in my cheek with the pink poodle skirt on in the second row.

Parent and Child Clowning Classes taught by Melody a.k.a Whoopsy Daisy and her daughter Isadora a.k.a. Izzy and Cotton Candy (she's been clowning since she was 6 years old).

Melody and Izzy offer small, really fun, classes for parents and their children to help build loving family bonds with a premise that a family that laughs together, stays together. Build great family memories and experiences with these super silly fun experiences sure to be remembered for a lifetime.

This silly gang of good hearted folks learned how to become a
clown in a group class"
"Melody offers private and group classes in clowning, face
painting, how to create your own clown character, the art of clowning,
balloon twisting, magic, ventrilogism, music, as well as teaches about
how to become a "caring clown" for volunteers for hospice, hospitals,
senior housing, developmentally and mentally disabled folks and clowning ministry.

Laugh With Her
Summary:         Laugh With Her is the profile of a professional clown, Melody Newcombe (or “Whoopsy Daisy”).  The film seeks to uncover the inner workings of the clowning business of which everyone is familiar but hardly anyone truly knows. Through the eyes of Whoopsy, voted one of the Top Ten Clowns in America by Clowns of America, International, and other members of the clown community we hear about their daily challenges and inspirations. The film will follow Melody to her various clowning performances concluding with 24th annual international clown convention called Clownfest. (“Clownfest is the clownmasterificator of grandilomentitudinous proportions!”*) Interviews will reveal Melody’s reasons for becoming a clown - a terminal cancer threatened her life - and what she sees as the role of clowns in today’s society. Laugh With Her asks: Why do audiences and performers remain enchanted by the ancient art of clowning in the 21st century?

Bard college graduation party May 2005

As Mrs. Claus

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